NYC -> IAM connection

There is a strong connection between NYC and IAM. It might be interpersonal, by coincidence, because of the amount of stones, or because everything loves nothing and nothing needs something. It's all speculations right now - but evidence keeps buidling up and at some point a report will be due. If you are interested and/or available please post your thoughts on the NYC→ IAM connection below.


<box 50% round left orange|October 7, 2006> flight attempt from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn </box>

<box 50% round left grey|Sept. 14-16, 2006> NYC and SLC passengers experience layover at IAM </box>

<box 50% round left green|August 18 - 26, 2006> support crew job interviews </box>

<box 50% round left blue|July 20, 2006> temporary NYC waiting room </box>

<box 50% round left red|ongoing> Airport interest Generation (in general) </box>

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