Saddle Sore Bar

More information, better pictures and slot machines coming soon!

This is a fantastic picture, one of my favorites!hajoe 2006/06/05 21:28

Wow! Thank you! I kinda liked it too. Thought maybe I was crazy. I know now I am not. Unless, of course, Hajoe is crazy too…ha ha ha — — computered 2006/06/06 01:01

It very much looks like a shot taken from a miniature model scene. But maybe that's the reality and we are all living in a miniature model world version?hajoe 2006/12/06 11:28

I am miniature little man. Feel very comfortable in Miniture world. Maybe we are all just miniture components of something much longer than us. Wave into the microscope. And SMILE! LOL — — computered 2006/06/06 01:01

This might be true, IAM as part of Gulliver's Travel hajoe 2006/14/06 05:50

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