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New at the Sky View. We now have Yfi and XM radio.

For more information or to make a reservation at the SkyView Dinner Club, click the link below.

Sky View Dinner Club


Sky View Now Serving Breakfast


Summer Time Special. Shrimp and Pasta with Fresh Vegetables.


<box 100% orange> Any sky view recommendations for September 15/16th? The flight schedule predicts flight coming into IAM THAT day. — hajoe 2006/07/08 </box> <box 100% green> Looks very Lecker! If you take reservations, you can pencil me in for some Breakfasts and Summertime Specials between September 12 - Septemebr 15th! — hajoe 2006/08/09
We don't have pencils here, but I marked it down with charcoal on a rock. Your table is saved. Red 08-11-06
Great, looking forward to it! — hajoe 2006/08/12
</box> <box 100%orange> Menu for the NYC / IAM Flight Sky View Dinner Club Menu NYC / IAM Flight

<box 80% orange> Full house at the Skyview Dinner Club for Brunch.
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<box 95% green> Reviews - Reviews - Reviews - Reviews - Reviews - Reviews - Reviews - Reviews - Reviews - Reviews
Skyview Dinner Club rocks, I had the best French Toast of my life! * * * * * (5 out of 5 stars)
hajoe 2006/09/19 </box>

<box 80% orange> We at the SkyView Dinner Club want to give a special thanks to Mike for all his help with the cooking. He did the Fish for the evening dinner and a lot of help with the brunch.
Red and Darla

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