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Summer Season 2005

Ticket counter

Sir, where would you like to go to?


“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Bruce Baumgartner. Aviation Director, Denver International Airport
(from the book: “Airport Planning and Development Handbook” by Paul Stephen Dempsey)

Security Check

Passport & boarding pass, put your luggage here.


Metal Detector

Empty your pockets. Take off your jewelry. Lift your arms. Turn around. Turn.


One last check

walk through the gate


Waiting Room

waiting for the next flight
waiting2.jpg waiting.jpg

“In this sense the airport is an immanent system constantly overcoming its own limitations.
Airstrips became airports, and in turn, airports became movies, points of memory and points of departure,
sites of industry, military zones, and brand names.”

from: "Life in Transit: between airport and camp" by Gillian Fuller, University of New South Wales

Outside the Airport

a strike is starting
see pictures here

FAll Season 2006

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