Runway Maintenance

Hi I’m Miner John,
and off and on I do some airport maintenance here fixing up the runways.
It’s like my gravel work. I like to dig it up out of the hole looking for that gold.
But all we’ve been finding is gravel so we’ve been building airports.
Airport Construction with the gravels. It’s a lot of work if you do it by hand.


The wheelbarrow is the 6th one I am working in. The other’s are worn out.


But I have not worn out the magic rake.
I probably pushed over 300 ton of gravels with this rake over the past five years.
You see how it is worn out, but it still is the perfect tool to do the job.


This is the magic hammer. That tears up the ground real good.
I just work this ground by hand the old fashioned way.

This is the magic bucket.


An old mining friend of mine once told me: “John he says, the way you work, you can move a mountain with a spoon”.
I said: What happened if I just used the bucket? He says: “Well, you probably get done a lot quicker.”
This little bucket I had for a long time. Right here on this property I moved about 400 tons of dirt with this bucket.
If I would be in the gold field and would do this kind of work, I would be a rich man.


learn more about general airport runway maintenance here

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