THAT Place (Tecoma Heights AerioSpace Technology)

Time - indefinite unlimited duration in which things are considered as happening in the past, present, or future; every moment there has ever been or ever will be. Red 01-29-06

We should work on getting an 'automated people mover' to and from the airport.

Red - Here is a start for a People Mover - Better more Modern one comming soon.

Hi Red, the people mover looks great. Very fast and a the same time like a technical monument to the gears that turned the last century into the new one./Franzy

modern People Mover

Well here is a short ver of a modern People Mover. I can make it return if need be but the file will be 2x bigger.

Hi Red, great take-off for the people mover!

What do you think, how many people can get moved at a time? 10 - 20 or more? Do we have a service station for the people mover at Montello, too or is it outside of town near your place where they get fixed (in case they ever break down). eteam 12-18-05

Hi All
The The People Mover will carry 50 People. The Service Station will be in Tecoma Heights ( My place ). Red 12-19-05

Hi Red do you have a shot of the Service Station? eteam 12-21-05

Service Station

Hi All
Here is the Service Station Red 01-22-06


BTW not much moving in NYC on 12-21-05


some ideas for signage

Hello Once we've got the people mover working, people in the terminal need to find it easy and quickly. Here some ideas for signage. Do you think any of these could work for easy directions? eteam 12-19-05

Hi All
I think that the bottom one is great. Any body should be able to figure it out. The top left one would work for directions to the airplane loading ramps. Red 12-19-05

Aircraft robotic washing solution

A robot for washing the airplanes isn't so bad to have.

We here at “THAT Place” (Tecoma Heights AerioSpace Technology) have created the perfict Robo Plane Washer.
Design by Darla & Red created by Red.
Red & Darla 01-22-06

Hello Red and Darla, thanks so much for AIRCRAFT ROBO.
Finally we can replace our muscle crew with something more metallic. Honestly, it was not easy having people doing that job. Every day there was something else…except a clean plane. The ladder was too short and shaky, the detergents too toxic, the scrubbers too small, the breaks too short, the planes too big, the sun too hot. But from now on: no more complaints because dirt soaked sponges are dripping on their heads and infiltrate these brains!!!
Robo looks great and easy going!
Is it hard to duplicate him so that we can work on lot's of planes at the same time?
“THAT Place” really is the place of the future.
maintenance management 2006/01/23 09:33

Well I think the Girls need a day off, so I sent over a few of the ROBO Washers to help out. We here at “THAT Place” can make about 20 per day. Red 01-23-06


As soon as you said it we got a request by a big carrier. They are intersted in the International Airport Montello as a potential hub and were really impressed by the THAT Place facilities. - Now they are already lining up their planes. — eteam 2006/01/24

We here at “THAT Place” have been waiting for a big job so we can unvail the ultimant in plane cleaning. Better known as “APEPCP ” ( Anti Photon Electro Plasma Cleaning Polishing ) the ultiment in speed cleaning. The APEPCP is able to clean and polish a plane in 2 seconds, leaving the plane slick and smooth for better air flow, reducing drag for better speed and fuel usage.
Red 01-29-06

There is only one thing which can be said: THAT rocks! — eteam 2006/01/31 16:40 —- But what happened to ROBO washer? — franzy 2006/01/30

RoboWasher is still around for the smaller planes and jobs. Only the big carriers will be able to afford the APEPCP.
Red 01-31-06

While down in the basement at “THAT Place” I found the seceret place of the ROBO washers. They are dancing, APEPCP means not as much work as before.

Red 03-04-06

Wow, this looks like a lot of fun. Part time work and Party Basement seems to be the combination that could qualify these robos for the next Winter Olympics in Figure Scating.

Today I went to town. I got the post. I went to the Dumpster and the Store for a few things. I was getting ready to exit town..then I saw the taxi was started, running and empty. I yelled “Taxi” and off we went. Destination…Tachoma hieghts..the ride was ruff but the landing soft… At Tachoma Hieghts location one..all systems are go…LEDS are lit and shining bright…
Happy Birthday RED!!!!!!!!!! Computer Ed

Stu Stu Stu Stu Studio Stars

thatstudio.jpg April 22, 2006
When the coyotes start howling, THAT Place operators turn off the generator which powers two computers. Any pending connections to the world wide web have to wait until the next morning. The satellite dish is used for eating supper now.
While the computers cool down, the campfire outside starts boiling strong cowboy coffee in a metal can. A handrolled cigarette, and things are set for the overhead part of THAT light emitting show, which naturally twinkles through 360 degrees surround sound blackness.

To hear the Coyotes got to top and stop music. Then turn up sound and click below.

can't see the video, click here

Is Jupiter to be seen from THAT Place?

I say did you miss me while you looking for yourself out na na na na..
Woops…sorry…Jupiter always makes me sing…ha ha ha
Computer Ed July 28, 2006 12:12 IAM time.

Runway Lightning System - RLS

The last lay-over at IAM might have had something to do with poor lightning. Light is an important factor for communication, in particular at airports (Edward Tufte has a discussion about airport signal systems).
If there is an experienced technician available who could work on a more advanced RLS, delays and layovers might no longer be unavoidable and flights in and out of IAm can happen as scheduled.

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