Lickin' Lizzy is a company that was originally designed for financially insecure airports. Now it's popularity is on the rise as it is completely environmentally safe. Airports with small budgets love the money it saves them at just a fraction of the cost of labor or machinery.


Hi Sarah.
Lickin Lizzy looks like a great idea. I am just a little confused about the proportions of this enterprise. Either the plane is really small, or Lizzy is really big. Anyway, how much does he lick per day? And does he need training - or is it a natural lizard urge to clean planes?
eteam 2006/02/06 20:43

A Taste of Lickin' Lizzy - The Inside Lick

1. Lickin' Lizzy's female lizards run the show. Female lizards, upon sexual maturity, select a mate from a book of “mugshots” of males.

2. Lickin' Lizzy's females are then coupled with the male they have selected. The courtship stage has begun.

3. Lickin' Lizzy's couples then mate and produce hatchlings. These hatchlings are then trained to lick model airplanes covered in dead flies.

4. When Lickin' Lizzy's Lizards have fully been trained, they are moved to the “field” where they clean everything from Jumbo Jets to small private planes. Small airplanes are generally cleaned by the trained lizards in roughly 1/2 hour. Bigger commercial jets, on the average, take about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. Employees of IAM have grown fond of their “pets”. This method of cleaning has become extremely popular at the International Airport Montello, and is one of the favorite tourist attractions.

edned.jpg Howdy From Ed N Ed….Feb. 12, 2006 12:11pm

New Breed ?

Hi Sarah, Ed n Ed and all other Lickin Lizzy employees!
Check this out:

Also, it sounds like this high school student and his lizards were trying to get an Intern position at “Lickin Lizzy”. Read the story here →
Have they been in contact with you prior to the lizard escape?
Franzy 2006/02/12 13:16

Turtle Test Failed

Feb.25, 2006
Hi Sarah,
how exactely did you train your lizards? We bought some model planes for our turtle, because we thought, she (her name is Frau Herrmann (Ms. Misterman) could be trained in pushing aircraft to and from the gates, but she showed no interest. I am not even sure, she likes planes. Any suggestions on how to get her going?

Lickin Lizzy holds Press Conference at IAM

April 13, 2006
On April 13, 2006 Lickin Lizzy founder Sarah G. and two interested parties held a press conference at the outdoor facilities of IAM. Using hand carved wooden lizards Sarah demonstrated how herds of trained real lizards would crowd around a dirty aircraft, obeying Sarah's loud four fingers reptile whistle. Immediatly after arrival the lizards would start licking the aircraft's surface coating.


Sarah Lickin Lizzy Fouder Kidnapped?
May 15, 2006 Sarah G. Founder of Lickin Lizzy's was kidnapped by the Geo Pilot. He took her to The Horshoeflats Old Motel where he proceeded to get her and himself Drunk. Then on a Night time ride to the Cell phone booth. He could not find the Cell phone booth in the dark. Two Antelope ran along side the Geo the whole time. They may have been trying to rescue Sarah. This morning some Video was discovered from the trip to the cell phone booth! The Geo Pilot would like to say “I am Sorry” to all parties who were very worried and concerned about her. It was totally the Geo Pilots fault. He will not do it again. You will be releived to know that the Geo Pilot payed a heavy price for his actions. He was very sick today… — Ed 2006/05/16 18:39

flowers.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH !!! kite.gif
MAY 17, 2006
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. You live in a Zoo. Ya look like a Monkey, and ya act like one too..
Ha ha ha…Happy Birthday!
From: The Computer Tech. Dept. and the Drug n Bomb Squad..

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