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a short version of this story is a tall order

Hello. I am Kristin and I am from the Bay Area (FTBA). Just in case you are unaware of this, spacecraft, memory, hyperlinks, and virtual coffee from juan's are not your only options for space and time travel. The story of what brought me to International Airport Montello, a story full of mystery and suspense, goes on (and on), kind of like this, taking certain liberties, for example:

It was an overcast morning, typical of Spring weather in the Bay Area, nothing unusual about it, or so it seemed at first. I rolled out of bed, grabbed hold of some overgrown vines and swung across backyards until I reached my favorite neighborhood café.

» fast-forward caffeine style »

Now where was I? Point of clarification - what I mean is where in_the_story. This is not a story about amnesia. ;-) Here we are, I was just about to add . . . soonafter the bruising set in, a rash took siege of the left side of my face, air_sickness?, everything went blurry, yet my eyes remained focused. I was in focus. I waved my fingers as a test: blurry, focused, blurry, focused. I don’t recall how I got the cat scratch on my neck (this may come back to me). I thought, “I must be dreamin,” then pulled out of this thought distracted by a clear channel of sound . . . letters followed by numbers: alphanumeric sequences, coordinates? I scribbled them onto paper: G55, G55, B9, B9, so on and so forth. There was a pattern. There was a pattern.

[Warning: The image that you are about to view has a special effect.]

(Fig. 2)
[to be continued]

Kristin (FTBA) 2006/06/21

next I plotted a sequence...

on scratch paper with marker. Early letters in the alphabet were paired with low range numbers, while G, residing deeper in the alphabet - paired with higher numbers.

(B=1-15) (G=46-60)

With 26 letters in the alphabet (we're already up to G60)… this is going to be a very BIG map! (If you have an idea of how large the map should be, please chime in! My mathematical skills are waterlogged.)

I would like to share a very, very short story about a map written in 1946 by Jorges Luis Borges.
“On Exactitude in Science” . . . In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety of a Province. In time, those Unconscionable Maps no longer satisfied, and the Cartographers Guilds struck a Map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and which coincided point for point with it. The following Generations, who were not so fond of the Study of Cartography as their Forebears had been, saw that that vast Map was Useless, and not without some Pitilessness was it, that they delivered it up to the Inclemencies of Sun and Winters. In the Deserts of the West, still today, there are Tattered Ruins of that Map, inhabited by Animals and Beggars; in all the Land there is no other Relic of the Disciplines of Geography.

A series of thoughts occurred to me:
  • What would happen if I moved? shifted slightly, walked to the end of the block?
  • I was a receiving alphanumeric sequences in this spot, but would I have the same luck elsewhere? Would the content be the same? different?
  • Was I a part of a network?
  • Would the sequences change based on my geographic coordinates?
  • What was the RANGE of the signal I was picking up on?
  • Would I fall out of range in the countryside?

By then I had grown comfortable with the specialness of this side effect, so much that I had completely forgotten the inflammation and bruising on my skin, the cat scratch on my neck. And I was paralyzed by the thought of losing this signal.
Kristin (FTBA) 2006/07/03


If you moved, they might send you this:

One describes a tale best by telling the tale. You see? The way one describes a story, to oneself or the world, is by telling the story. It is a balancing act and it is a dream. The more accurate the map, the more it resembles the territory. The most accurate map possible would be the territory, and thus would be perfectly accurate and perfectly useless. The tale is the map that is the territory. from American Gods, by Neil Gaiman.

If you shifted slightly, you might discover this:

Let us imagine that a portion of the soil of England has been levelled off perfectly and that on it a cartographer traces a map of England. The job is perfect; there is no detail of the soil of England, no matter how minute, that is not registered on the map; everything has there its correspondence. This map, in such a case, should contain a map of the map, which should contain a map of the map of the map, and so on to infinity.' Why does it disturb us that the map be included in the map and the thousand and one nights in the book of the Thousand and One Night? Why does it disturb us that Don Quixote be a reader of the Quixote and Hamlet a spectator of Hamlet? I believe I have found the reason: these inversions suggest that if the characters of a fictional work can be readers or spectators, we, its readers or spectators, can be fictions.from: The World and the Individual by Josiah Royce

If you walked to the end of the block, you could have thought that:

Today abstraction is no longer that of the map, the double, the mirror, or the concept. Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being or substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: A hyperreal. The territory no longer precedes the map, nor does it survive it. It is nevertheless the map that precedes the territory - precession of simulacra - that engenders the territory. from: Simulacra and Simulation by J.Baudrillard

And now the good news

You don't have to walk to the end of the block anymore. And, after what happen to you, you should not swing on overgrown vines through backyards either. (Poison Ivy) International Airport Montello offers safe flights that approach the end of the block. People always think, distances are too long to be covered by plane in a direct flight, while in reality 99.99 percent of all distances are too short to be covered by aircraft. IAM works on changing these numbers.
Franzy 2006/07/09 09:32 blockplane.gif

initial move


A standard first move is e6, countered by e5, a face to face situation. Luckily, if my alphanumerical value is something like SQ26, the value is no longer restricted to a location. It turned into a distance and direction.
In a way from a point to a line.
. → —
To return to the point of origin SQ25 is required. Where am I now? 6 hours ahead or 6 hours too late? I am in a state of time vacuum. One of the great advantages of IAM is the ability to eliminate the distance itself; possibly using a yet undocumented underlying system of alphanumerical numbers. Something like the WASTE system?hajoe 2006/07/07


instant move

IAM is a state of mind to me. Everything happens instantly! There are no standard moves. Alphanumeric values are infinite and therefore cannot accurately convey distance, time or destination. e6, g55, e5, SQ26 are what ever I want them to be. Distance and time do not exist. If you travel in a straight line. You must travel that line in reverse to return to your original departure point. If you travel in circle you return to that point automatically. If you are traveling a straight line and I am going in circles can we meet? IAM brings the circle and the line together. Impossible? If you do not think so then go back to SQ1 and think again.
Whooter 2006/07/09 00:14


more than a state of mind

This occurred to me after reading your post, Whooter. During my layover in April, I perceived IAM to be a thickness, like weather. This quality was first appreciated by my sensory receptors, then absorbed into mind. In this way IAM is a state of mind and much more. IAM is in the air - a travel medium and destination of magnitude. What brought me to IAM was the search for a solution, what I left with was a search for possibilities. [tip of hat to the airport personnel]
;-) Kristin (FTBA) 2006/07/11 10:52


state of mind makes all things possible

Go Raiders, Go A's and Giants..woops…shot from E1 to G55.5…OK…the bay area..I like it….took move E5 to return to horshoeflats and shot right in between E56E…sorry..pardon the interuption. Had to slow down and carefully move through sq26 to avoid arrows shooting straight at me…and that was just in the last 10 seconds, what a rush! I hope to see more through B9! For the visuals recieved are stunning. They touch my mind, my heart, my senses and even give me chills! They Touch my Soul. Yes, my soul is beyond “state of Mind” however, “state of mind” is a part of my Soul. My Soul is incomplete without it. There are no solutions. Only possiblilites. Having an IAM “state of mind” makes anything is possible..
Whooter 2006/07/12 08:25


I like the numbers that arrive and disappear. I like to imagine how they mean different things to people.

When Kristin started with G55, I started a search for G55’s on the www. There was a Mercedes Benz that day. A washed out black and white photograph of a small propeller plane, a creature, built out of metal parts, that appeared to be a combination of dinosaurian and a fighting machine, a white, embroidered bridal or communion dress with a hood that was propped up on a dressmaker’s dummy. Instead of a face there were three lilies. I looked at the images, none seemed to be rally good.
A day later more numbers appeared. The meanings increased up to a point where I lost interest in the individual one. I left the main terminal and went to the visitor’s observation deck. It was a heavy traffic day at the airport. Lines were long and on overtime. All these body temperatures down there heated up the terminal. I started to sweat.
There was a security officer, who fingerprinted a man, who had both arms amputated. The officer did not even searched the stumps for annual rings. It does not matter at what point a passenger's extremitie's end. They come in all shapes and sizes and his job was to take them, press them into an ink pad and roll them onto a piece of paper. Very old fashioned, I thought.
Another guy repeated head counts. The statistics reached peak level for the first time. One could watch right there, right then, how people became infected with this rash, I am sure, Kristin had introduced. Even from the visitor’s deck, I could feel the itching increase in skin complaints. I remembered that Kristin once wrote, that she was interested in “travel through mutation”, which made me think, that I should call Dr.Ron, to get an opinion.
Franzy/ 2006/07/13 08:56


If you feel like doing something that is related to —> airport + numbers ←-, but don't know how to start, fill out the activity sheet on this website.


You said G-55… Bingo!…. Hey!… I've got a bingo on G-55… Bingo!… Bingo!… Hey!… Here in the back row… A hardway Bingo… I've got a Bingo… What did I win?…Or!… Did I win?… What's up?…
Henry J.

Big winner Henry J, this Bingo Service Provider hopes you have enjoyed the quality prize, donated and hand-delivered by AIR FRANZ representative, Franzy.
Late arrivers: Henry J. of Juan at the Airport won a poster of the Traffic Jam for the bingo beta-round.
Kristin (FTBA) September 15, 2006 02:00PM PST


On the afternoons of Thursday and Friday, September 14-15, several of the IAM layover passengers noticed the infection and rash on the side of my face. I would like to take a moment to outline the details, for the record, in case this infection has spread. It has come to my attention that the incubation period (10-14 days) is nearly over and this concerns me.

THURSDAY, September 14
10:00 Details. Signs of infection. Bruising, rash, scratches emerged on the RIGHT side of my face. Numbness, memory mixups, desensitization to spatialization. Improved hearing. NOTE: Topical treatment does not improve condition.

15:00 Doctor visit. I visit Dr. Ron, whom most you of know as IAM Management, about the infection. IS IT CONTAGIOUS DR. RON? Is it bacterial or viral? Must I depend on this condition to receive the bingo numbers? Dr. Ron thinks it's all in my head. He performs an immunity cleansing treatment, advises on B vitamins, and hands me an apple. I am quarantined for the duration of the layover as a precautionary measure.


17:30 Uncomfortable ride. Against doctor's orders, I decide to perform my open air bingo calling service at the Skyview Dinner Club. En route, I sense layover passenger Laura's uneasiness about being in the Shuttle Bus with me. “Shouldn't she be resting at the Pilot Motel?” I am relieved that Dr. Ron is not a passenger on the Shuttle Bus. I have slipped under the radar but I feel lousy about exposing the stranded filmcrew, Jason - the new IAM Layover Support Crew Member, the Ambassadors, the Shuttle Bus driver, suspicious layover passenger Laura, and our hosts, to my infection.

19:00 Skyview Dinner Club. Darla serves up a smashing dinner. I enjoy the salmon filet!! B4 dessert, I install a bingo antenna and call a few rounds of numbers in the order in which I receive them. G55 is corrupted and thus refused entry. Congratulations to Franzy who won the bingo prize! High winds sweep through Skyview and knock my bingo antenna over. The game shuts down early.

23:00 Recovery? My infection washes off with soap and water! 8-o
I hesitate to go out and celebrate because I am still under quarantine.

9:00 Oh yeah, oh no! I awake to find the infection has cleared on the RIGHT side of my face! =) But what is this? It has now spread to the LEFT side of my face. :-\

10:00-12:00 The show must go on. Preparations for MOBILE BINGO are underway. Passengers are arriving. I will call numbers through a PA system in my car and still abide by Dr. Ron's quarantine order. Brilliant! 8-)

14:00 A game of blackout is announced in Terminal One. Players receive cards and markers.

15:30-16:15 Winners. Prizes. With only 4 numbers remaining, 4 blackout winners approach to claim their prizes. I try not to expose passengers but I can't help it. I am too excited. My hands are all over those prizes and I even join in for the BBQ and a taste of some prize-winning cake. Layover passengers load up on the shuttle for their flight connection.

23:00 Again? My infection disappears with soap and water.

SATURDAY, September 16
8:00 Top of the day! No bruising or swelling today, not even a pimple. But is this a good thing or a bad thing? I still rely on the infection to hear the bingo numbers. :-|

9:00 Breakfast at Cowboy Bar. With no more work to do, I salute IAM Facilities and Ambassadors, and a few remaining layover passengers, and I'm on my way back to the Bay Area.

10:00 First attempt at departure. Passenger delay at Juan's. I mix coffee and virtual coffee together as an experiment. I am told that Henry J. has switched to Yuban blend so it is difficult to make a true taste test comparison.

11:00 Take-off. Kristin (FTBA) departs IAM convinced she will make up the time in the air.

Please be aware of the possibility of spreading the infection. Notify myself, Kristin (FTBA), and or Dr. Ron, @ the Management office, if you develop signs of infection or if you have concerns about exposure. It is possible that the infection will manifest in other ways, yet to be determined.
Sincerely yours,
Kristin (FTBA) September 25, 2006 05:27 PST



Dear Kristin.
It is contagious. I know it, because I got it. At least that's what I think. Unfortunately I have no external signs on my body that proof the infection. No inflammation, no wounds, no pimbles - which is slightly disturbing. If I go to Dr. Ron for a visit, and he finds out that - in comparison to you - there is nothing in my brain, then where is it then? On tape? On a chip in my photo camera?
Let's consider some possibilities: In case Dr. Ron won't detect any mutations of my brain, do you think, I should tell him, that I sometimes feel slightly detached from my brain. That, before I think, I google. That, before I remember, I go through my digital photographs. That my stories are on DVD.
When I say I feel “infected”, I am not even sure if I mean me, or my videotapes.
During that time (Sept. 14-16, 2006), I often felt, that my vision was obstructed. It == sometimes hurt. May be I had a stye, or hordeolum and the inflammation did not occur at the base of my eyelashes in form of a red swelling but right in front of my eye - in form of a boom. Whereever I looked there was a boom. Is a boom the modern stye?
Ok. I should not speculate too much. I should rather make an appointment with Dr. Ron. He will find out.
But before I go, I just wanted to make sure, I use the time of my visit to ask the right questions. What do you think?

boom.jpg layover:stye.jpg?300x225
Franzy, 2006/09/28 08:57

September 30, 2006


I've made contact with my representative friend from the National Center of Disease Control in Atlanta. I think I'm fresh on the source, trail, of the origin of the infection.

Tell me Kristin. Does this face look familiar to you?


How about this one?


I believe I have found a connection to your infection!

animated-3d-information_highway.gifon the road again!

Dr. Ron “The Good Doctor”

Here they are, Dr. Ron, the samples that I prepared for you.

Kristin (FTBA)

side effect

Dear Franzy,
Perhaps the boom was a side effect - hovering to the side of your eye. While the boom itself was not visibly attached to your body, its presence was consistent with the time of your visual impairment. A concern of mine for you . . . if this condition remains untreated, might the boom spread [count]? swell [volume]? How might this affect your vision [mind’s eye]? Would it falter or fail in the presence of the boom? Do you happen to know - is this boom sensitive? Maybe Dr. Ron should take a look at the boom, too.

I further advise you to consider that you/we could be experiencing other side effects . . . aside from visual impairment and improved hearing . . . those that may have gone unnoticed, or unidentified so far as such. Is it possible, for example, that IAM is a side effect of a much larger condition? A side effect that you/we are experiencing? I wonder which degrees of scales we should be observing? Dr. Ron may have an opinion on this.

Something came to memory . . . Architect-author Rem Koolhaus writes in his book entitled MUTATIONS that ‘a city is a condition caused by endless mutation’. More on copying errors in the next post.

Kristin (FTBA)

Dear Kristin,
thanks for your answers. I always appreciate the /pers|obal\ kind of view you have. It opens up the eye beyond the doom of boom and it feels like a roll of double sided eyelid tape. While it runs between my eye and my head, it automatically glues the eyelids to the temple, and therewith keeps the vision open.


Regarding the greater condition - I think eyelid tape is part of it.
Time is another one. I am always running out of it.
Franzy 2006/10/11 14:50

persistence of vision


Dear Dr. Ron,

As you can see in this photograph, taken by Franzy, strangeness persists. During a stopover in New York, my mutation evolved (and I believe so did Franzy’s)! Franzy was there with her camera to document and in her opinion this photograph substantiates a developing psychological condition.

After the initial shock experienced looking at this photo, I traveled back into my memory . . . I remembered precisely when the photo was taken. I was looking at my reflection in the mirror but then it was stable, nothing like Franzy's photo, and without incidence of fracture, or splitting image_just some swelling and porousness. Considering this, Dr. Ron, would you agree that the alignment problem in the photograph is actually a further mutation of Franzy’s vision impairment condition?

Any thoughts? Are you still on the case? Still traveling? I hope that you will inform me when you receive lab results from your colleague in Atlanta.

Kristin (FTBA) 2006/10/15 16:50 PST

Dear Dr.Ron, dear Kristin, dear IAM passengers and patients

Following a spontaneous impulse to find out, if it makes a difference if “I see” while pointing the camera, I took the pictures of Kristin blindfolded.
Anyway. Since Dr. Ron didn’t diagnose yet, I jump ahead and say it as a committed placebo patient with a disco - nnected idea: Kristin’s latest outbreak is a fossil.

According to a book in the “oversize” shelf of a book store, scientists consider a fossil to be a dead piece of life. After it dies, a footprint is left in some mud, and after a while only the bones remain, often broken by trampling. With time, they are buried by water and sediments that accumulate and “fossilize” the “thing”. Later on comes erosion and exposure. Accordingly, fossils are preserved remnants of once living things often buried in the ground, and when I flipped through the pages of that book I looked at fossil fishes, fossil ammonites, fossil turtle, fossil dragonfly, fossil ginko leaves and fossil skulls.

Being an airport representative, I naturally missed some “air” in the fossil book. Instead of becoming solidified in mud, stones, dusty papers and floppy discs - what about becoming petrified in the atmosphere of the earth, aerial matters? What about hijackers, and thoughts that were never carved into words? Instead, they evaporated into the air, flew around for a couple of years, and now with global warming, come back as a trend, which lands in close proximity to patients receptive to this kind of infection?

That's how I discovered that Kristin might have picked up an arial fossil. And now, after I wrote it all down, I wish I could be like this stone, which refuses to talk about why it is looking so poked.
Franzy 2006/10/17 20:15
P.S. I don’t see a split mirror.

November 5, 2006

Greetings Kristin!

I apologize for the delay in responding to your previous posts. In defense of my actions, it wasn't due to a lack of concern. In fact I have been diligently working on your diagnosis and pending prognosis. Unfortunately, nothing has materialized of my ongoing efforts as of yet.

I submitted the slides you provided to my contact-colleague at the CDC in Atlanta . She is as perplexed as I concerning your dermatological disease. I've postulated the following hypothesis.

I surmise at this point it's emotionally stress related! Here's my short discourse as to why:

The possibility of a causal influence of emotional stress, especially of stressful life events, on the course of various skin diseases has long been postulated. Clinical wisdom and experience, as well as many anecdotal observations and uncontrolled case series, support this opinion. I reviewed the available evidence on the role of stressful life events in triggering or exacerbating skin diseases. The role of stressful events in vitiligo, lichen planus, acne, pemphigus and seborrhoeic dermatitis was either controversial or insufficiently explored. The role of stressful events in psoriasis, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis and urticaria was apparently clearer. However, only a few studies met acceptable methodological standards for stress measurement. Also, few studies considered common potential confounding factors (e.g. age, duration of illness, familial factors), and no study controlled adequately for the influence of other crucial factors (e.g. discontinuation of treatment, seasonal effects). Adding that the large majority of studies were retrospective, it seems wise to conclude that only preliminary evidence has been published so far on the role of stressful life events in bringing on or worsening any dermatological disease. Further research is mandatory, either in the form of prospective studies or, more feasibly, of well-designed case-control studies with adequate statistical power. Future studies should also pay more attention to protective as well as vulnerability factors in stressful events. Further, it would be important to investigate other sources of psychological stress, such as chronic stress and everyday stress. Measuring stress appraisal, although difficult, would also be important.

Here's some options to treatment for you.

Biofeedback can improve cutaneous problems that have an autonomic nervous system component. Examples include biofeedback of galvanic skin resistance (GSR) for hyperhidrosis and biofeedback of skin temperature for Raynaud's disease. Hypnosis may enhance the effects obtained by biofeedback. Cognitive-behavioral methods may resolve dysfunctional thought patterns (cognitive) or actions (behavioral) that damage the skin or interfere with dermatologic therapy. Responsive diseases include acne excoriée, atopic dermatitis, factitious cheilitis, hyperhidrosis, lichen simplex chronicus, needle phobia, neurodermatitis, onychotillomania, prurigo nodularis, trichotillomania, and urticaria. Hypnosis can facilitate aversive therapy and enhance desensitization and other cognitive-behavioral methods. Hypnosis may improve or resolve numerous dermatoses. Examples include acne excoriée, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma, dyshidrotic dermatitis, erythromelalgia, furuncles, glossodynia, herpes simplex, hyperhidrosis, ichthyosis vulgaris, lichen planus, neurodermatitis, nummular dermatitis, postherpetic neuralgia, pruritus, psoriasis, rosacea, trichotillomania, urticaria, verruca vulgaris, and vitiligo. Hypnosis can also reduce the anxiety and pain associated with dermatologic procedures.

I will be in San Francisco, not far from you, on November 18th & 19th for a Pediatric Hypnosis Certification Seminar. I would like to visit with you, possibly (over dinner-my treat) while there, if you could fit it into your schedule. The purpose of the visit is purely that of a follow up examination of your condition. Of course you may bring a chaperone for propriety if desired.

You may contact me via email if interested at (

That's all I have for now. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Patiently awaiting your reply!



Dr. Ron (The Feel Good Doctor)


animated-3d-information_highway.gifon the road again!

Re: Follow up appointment

Dear Dr. Ron,
How fortuitous that you are able to find a window in your rigorous seminar schedule for a follow up visit during your brief stay in the Bay Area! You will let me know if there is anything that I can do to prepare for our appointment. Your recent disquisition about the influences of stress on dermatological diseases was somewhat stress-inducing causing a minor setback that has since passed, like the threat of rain. Perhaps I should draw up a pie graph to present over dessert, detailing the stresses that may have influenced my condition. Could this format be a quick and digestible delivery method for such information while you are in a conference mindset? or is this information just empty calories?
With undying respect,

Kristin (FTBA) 2006/11/12 16:10

November 15, 2006

Dear Kristin,

Yes, I am very lucky that your rigorous travel schedule will allow me the opportunity once again to visit with you!

I sincerely apologize for my lack of consideration, I in no way intended to further your level of stress. Please accept my apology. My intentions were only those of education & information concerning your dermatological problem.

A pie graph will not be necessary over desert. Please SHARE with me here and now the stresses that may have influenced your condition. Sometimes my protocol leaves something to be desired. I should have solicited your thoughts sooner.

Patiently awaiting your reply!



Dr. Ron (The Feel Good Doctor)

animated-3d-information_highway.gifon the road again!


Dear Dr. Ron,
Thank you for your thoughtful words. I wish to assert that I DO very much appreciate your openness as a professional, your willingness to share your research and findings with me, your patient.

Today I felt beside myself with exuberance because while making a pie graph of my known stresses, which, as it happens introduces its own set of anxieties [i.e. Which is the proper tool for measure? measuring tape, measuring cup, scale, thermometer, barometer, pedometer, . . . None of these tools seem fit for the collection of stress data.], I also discovered that the exercise of making a pie, never mind its ingredients, the very act itself was an outlet for many of those stresses that once found their place in the pie graph. FYI, the stresses never did restrict themselves to any one area of the pie, they were all mixed up together. I couldn’t even tell them apart. It’s a wonder I could will them into the shape of a pie, even momentarily.

Forgive me, I will write more this evening. I have a dental appointment.
Until soon,
Kristin (FTBA) 2006/11/16 3:27PM

[Addendum] While riding my bicycle to and from the dentist, I thought more about the influence of stress on my condition. I see what you are getting at. Stress IS likely the reason my inflammation, rash, and subsequent mutations have thrived despite consumption of B-vitamins. What are the underlying stresses? As I mentioned before they are not so easily communicable in pie graphs but I do have stress-related concerns.

  • Concern about whether my condition is anything to be concerned about.
  • Concern about whether concern exacerbates my condition.
  • Concern about the weather.
  • Concern about identity. Who am I without my mutation?
  • Hajoe once confided in me that he did not want to have a broken tooth pulled because it was a part of him. How can I think of my mutation as separate from me?
  • What I now question is how much stress bingo calling has placed on my body. Instead of listening to my body's unique rhythms, I have become a resonator for bingo chatter. What about the impact of these vibrations on a molecular level? Could this bingo lullaby be capable of remapping my DNA? Causing copying errors that produce plastic whiffle balls in place of pimples? This was the case last week. I now work hard to introduce juggling into my bingo routine but my fingers keep getting caught in the holes of the whiffle balls.

Kristin (FTBA) 2006/11/16 10:14PM

November 17, 2006 7:15am

Dear Kristin,

You are so much more than a Bingo Caller. Bingo calling has played a stressful role (your words, not mine)long enough in your life. You are not a reasonator for bingo chatter. Yes, your conscious mind may lead you to believe so. But remember your conscious mind doesn't like change.

It is time we seek closure regarding your dermatological problem. It is time we release you from the continous chatter of your conscious mind. Perhaps this is the only entertainment your conscious mind has at the moment, like a child in a playground, it doesn't want you to leave. Also it's time to repair any damage that may have been done (however slight) to your DNA and overall Health.

Let's not spend any more time focusing on the cause, when I know the cure for your problems. Kristin, B-Vitamins did not cause your problem, B-Vitamins will not relieve your problem. I've allowed you time enough for any secondary gain benefit, or gratification you may have, or be receiving from your problem!

It's time to take action, time for a NEW direction concerning your treatment, time to alleviate the whole of the problem. Nothing further can be accomplished through viewing the past, we must now move into the present, and from here to the future through future pacing. IT'S TIME FOR ACTION! It's time for you to allow yourself to be all that you are. Remember, your only a toy to your concscious mind, until you decide otherwise. With my help, YOU WILL BE IN CONTROL. I shall take you to your subconscious mind where we can make the positive change you desire! Once we have completed our work there, your conscious mind will just have to find a new friend to annoy or play with in it's playground. No longer will it be able to manipulate you, for YOU will be in CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY, not your bothersome, lonely, lost, chattering conscious mind.

Should you decide that your condition somehow serves you well at this time, I can no longer assist you, and must remove myself from your case, and refer you for psychiatric counseling. A rationale person would not choose to remain in this unhealthy state of mind!

On the other hand, should you decide to do away with this problem, once and for all, including any future bingo calling, I can assist you in making the desired positive change in your life.

This can be achieved with a (1 to 1-1/2hr.) Hypnotherapy session. All these below listed underlying issues, concerns, or however you chose to view them can also be addressed, along with any concerns you'd like to add:

Concern about whether my condition is anything to be concerned about. Concern about whether concern exacerbates my condition. Concern about the weather. Concern about identity. Who am I without my mutation? Hajoe once confided in me that he did not want to have a broken tooth pulled because it was a part of him. How can I think of my mutation as separate from me?

What I now question is how much stress bingo calling has placed on my body. Instead of listening to my body’s unique rhythms, I have become a resonator for bingo chatter. What about the impact of these vibrations on a molecular level? Could this bingo lullaby be capable of remapping my DNA? Causing copying errors that produce plastic whiffle balls in place of pimples? This was the case last week. I now work hard to introduce juggling into my bingo routine but my fingers keep getting caught in the holes of the whiffle balls.

If you're prepared to move forward during my brief stay in San Francisco, I need to know now? As I need time to incorporate these concerns and any others you may have into your session.

You don't need a crystal ball in deciding this matter, either you desire positive change, or you don't!

Which will it be?


I almost forgot, to much Columbo viewing at a young age!


Patiently awaiting your reply!



Dr. Ron (The Feel Good Doctor)

animated-3d-information_highway.gifon the road again enroute to San Francisco at 4am tomorrow morning!

Good morning Dr. Ron,
Regarding your prognosis about my condition, I find myself in agreement with your recommendation. We must proceed with a hypnotherapy session. I can no longer hold myself back from the future and my destiny. I will let you know if there are more pressing questions as they arise. Is there anything that I can bring along to assist you in the session? Such as a computer? I remember this being an important tool during our session in Montello.
Respectfully yours,
Kristin (FTBA) 2006/11/17 10:42AM

Friday November 17, 2006 2:34pm

Dear Kristin,

I'm glad that you have come to your senses concerning your dermatological problem. I was beginning to wonder how long it would take for the fog bank to lift? Sometimes, with the chattering you've described, it never does.

I'm also profoundly happy to see you are ready to stand up to your conscious mind and TAKE CHARGE. No longer allowing it to hold you back from your future and your destiny. In the short time that I've come to know you, I've found you to be a very artistically talented person. Please guard yourself and your subconscious mind from those that do not support you in bettering yourself. I don't think I have to mention any names. Some claim to be your friends at the expense of your health! I don't need to tell you how serious your problem is, nor the complications ahead, should you choose to pacify a friend or two, who thinks your problem is cute!

I believe once you've put this condition (I prefer condition to problem - I don't believe we have problems - but only situations or conditions pending solutions), I prefer to see the positive side rather than the negative. Anyhow, as I was saying, Once you put this condition behind you, your future is limitless. I shall do my best to assist you in achieving this goal of betterment for yourself. Now just may be the time to turn your “Bingo Balls” over to your friend (Frenzy.) She seems to have a profound interest in them, but I won't allow it at your expense. Perhaps she should keep her nose planted more in her spell checker, and less in my practice! If my post to (Frenzy) seemed somewhat harsh, it was intended to be such. One piece of professional advice I can dispense is “Never allow yourself to come between a Lawyer's Client, or a Doctor's Patient,” unless of course you're ready to pay the price. I take my relationship with my patient's very seriously. Comedy has its own venue! My office is not it!

Back to the positive. YOU FAILED TO GIVE ME YOUR FAVORITE COLOR! I'll need this prior to departing my office today. Please reply with it A.S.A.P!

As for anything additional that you'll need to bring to the session, I advise that you only bring whatever you feel will facilitate your comfort!

Patiently awaiting your reply!

In the future I will no longer be posting on this forum. So address all personal and confidential correspondence to my personal email address. Your business or condition is not to be used as a side show for those of IAM with nothing better to do. They are lucky that I am not in office at the current moment as the Interim IAM Manager. I would really give them a piece of my mind, as Public Relations Experts for IAM. And also a one-way plane ticket to some place far far away, perhaps a Comedy club of sorts, seeing as though they fashion themselves to be Comedians!

Dr. Ron L. Abbott “The Feel Good Doctor!”

favorite color

My favorite color is skyblue.jpg, HTML code: 0aa2f9.
My favorite color is skyblue.jpg, HTML code: 0aa2f9.
My favorite color is skyblue.jpg, HTML code: 0aa2f9.
cc'd to your personal email address… Kristin (FTBA) 2006/11/17 4:43PM

Nov.17, 2006

content removed, shelved in basement.

November 17, 2006 1:09 pm

As a Doctor my foremost concern is to do no harm to the patient. My second concern is to motivate the patient towards an acceptable action of resolution, be that treatment, medication, etc..

I can see from your comments above your concern is to have a playmate with a dermatological probleM! hOW CUTESY! But it will not happen at the expense of my patient, unless she should decide to seek help elsewhere, which at this point, may not be a bad idea! With such resistance on your part, I'm not sure at this point I even want to continue with her treatment!

Obviously, you're not putting your friend's health first and foremost.

I respect your opinions, however I decline to allow you to sway my patient, and what is good for her. She has agreed to my proposed treatment plan. Further, I see where you HAVE NO SAY SO IN THIS MATTER! I hope I've made myself explicitly clear enough!

This is not a joke, her dermatological problems are a direct result of the STRESS in her life, perceived or otherwise. Bingo calling has added to that stress. I don't come to your car wash, or should I say your airplance wash and tell you how to wash your planes. Get the drift young lady?

I don't play a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherary on TV, but I do function as one in real life. Get a grip here, don't you feel your friend's health is more important than a Bingo Game?

I remain disappointed in your perspective of this matter!



As far as your comment about me being on the road, that is my choice of travel, I don't feel a need to apologize for it, or change it!! AND EXCUSE ME!!! BUT I'VE NEVER SEEN A LISTING IN THE MENU FOR MY PRACTICE. SO I'M NOT WORKING OUT OF YOUR AIRPORT, OR ANY OF IT'S FACILITIES! NOR DO I HAVE ANY INTENTION TO DO SO IN THE FUTURE!

However in light of your post, I will honor your request and that of all the other concerned IAM's, whoever or whatever they may be. I will continue to be “On the road again!”

I will not continue to post in your critical forum! If I've achieved anything here in MY reply to your post, 'IT'S TO HAVE LEFT YOU WITH YOUR OWN RASH, THEREBY NOT HAVING TO BE DEPENDENT UPON SOMEONE ELSE'S FOR your ENTERTAINMENT!“

Adios Senora!


animated-3d-information_highway.gifon the ROAD AGAIN!

Nov.18, 2006

I decided to move my previous post into the basement see here, because I felt that my comment was distracting you from the attention Kristin's rash needs. My intention was to keep things moving, add another perspective, and post my concerns to encourage a wider dialog. But a wider dialogue can turn too easily into an exchange of general knowledge, I apologize.
Franzy 2006/11/18 08:06

November 24, 2006

Greetings Franzy!

I graciously accept your apology, likewise please accept mine. I now understand somewhat better your attempt at a wider dialogue. As you could tell from my response to you, my concern was that of Kristin's well being and overall health.

There was a lesson to be learned about intervening between a Doctor and their Patient. I believe I made my point. I believe you learned that lesson.

In regards to the other matter, I now see your point concerning my mode of travel. I spoke with a colleague of mine while in San Francisco, and some interesting things came of it. One being, that of a deep fear I was harboring. I found that I had a fear of flying due to the recent state or threat of terrorism associated with flying. After a short session, that fear has been eliminated. I'm now glad to announce I no longer possess that fear, and have even changed my mode of transportation in the future as needed. Also whoever conceived the idea of the plane, and designed it for me, Thank You, it's awesome, that was a brilliant idea!

I thank you for bringing it to my attention, in a round about way! Please accept my apology for the malicious misspelling of your name. That action was very childish on my behalf. Also the part about the rash, I hope it didn't cause you too much discomfort, and has since vanished as Kristin's has.

So, with all that said. I wish you the best.

Patiently awaiting your reply!



Dr. Ron (The Feel Good Doctor)

fetch.gif in the Air Again! (Sorry Willie!)

November 28, 2006

Hello Dr. Ron,
it's good to hear from you!

Due to a rush (not rash) just a short report:
lesson learned, confusion turned, fear is burned, new territory earned.
Patients cured on many ends
might lead to even more undiscovered trends and directions,
towards the collection of connections, projections, objections and reflections,
that - as a special selection - meet on the runway intersection
of International Airport Montello.

From the pictures Kristin posted below it looks like your session in San Francisco was a success.
If she is cured of Bingo, does that mean she won't understand any longer the lingo of numbers in a row?

And someone went all the way into the basement and dug out that flying banner.
Do you think, we could improve the “flow” of the message a little more?
“If you are missing the switch to your sleeping brain,
don't go insane,
come to Dr. Ron,
he can turn it on.”

What do you think? Should we update the banner?

I hope to see you around
in the air and on the ground

November 28, 2006

Hi Franzy!

I must confess I went in the basement.

WOW, you're a POET, and I didn't know it!

Perhaps, it is time to change the banner. I'll leave the verbage up to you.

As far as Kristin is concerned she should have no recollection of Bingo or any of it's numbers. She should remain Bingo Stress Free!

I'm surprised Willie hasn't complained, and or left something for the banner.

Good chating with!


Dr. Ron “The Feel Good Doctor”

animated-gumby_running-skipping.gifon the Run Again!

Cured of bingo infection!

“Bingo bores me. It's just a bunch of numbers: 0-15, 16-30, 31-45, 46-60, and I think 61-75.”
A detailed account of my hypnotherapy session with Dr. Ron to follow…
[Pictured: Dr. Ron wearing my favorite color: sky blue!!!]
Kristin FTBA 2006/11/19 07:06PM

December 19, 2006

Hi Kristin!

I hope this short note during this festive holiday season finds you & yours in good spirits. Speaking of spirits, it's been exactly one month today since our session in San Francisco.

I'm curious as to how you've progressed since then? What has been your experiences if any with the Bingo Numbers?

Also, how is your overall health doing?

And are you sleeping well at night?

Wishing you a very “Merry Christmas.”

Patiently awaiting your reply!

Dr. Ron dr._ron_-_cd1.jpg “The Feel Good Doctor”


animated-santa-sleigh_reindeer.gifHO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE & ALL!

Hello Dr. Ron. Hello Dr. Ron.

I’m between realms right now. I can hear you. Can you hear me? Reception has been infrequent and intermittent. New lines of communication are being built. This is the new Kristin responding. I’m walking with the old Kristin. It’s a quick shuttle ride, but I pay the price. She left a light on so I check in every once in a while to see how she’s doing. I told her we can turn that light off now. It’s drawing power. That’s what you would suggest, right? Kristin reminded me of the night she called Bingo at Skyview Dinner Club under the stars. She’s in kind of a trance. I think she’s searching for something. I don’t want to disturb her.

Dr. Ron, I have been doing my assignment, listening to my affirmations and self-hypnosis recordings, listening to my affirmations and self-hypnosis recordings. They relax me and I am feeling the benefits. My stress is greatly reduced after these meditative sessions. The audible numbers have faded with the exception of 1-16 which come up every so often during self-hypnosis (by 16 I always experience a surge of energy). A new development is that I have a new appreciation for numbers. Visible numbers are standing out in vibrant colors and expressions.
[Pictured above: old Kristin]

Merry Christmas, Dr. Ron! I know we've got a great year ahead of us!!
Kristin FTBA 2006/12/24 11:14PM

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