Job openings at the Airport

(applying with a picture will increase your chances of getting the job by at least 30 percent)

  • Would you be interested in maintaining a position at the International Airport Montello?
  • What’s your experience in this field?
  • What do you think qualifies you for the job?
  • Why are you interested in a position at the airport?
  • Do you speak any other languages?
  • Are you a team player?
  • What do you know about the airport?
  • When would you be available?
  • What do you think about the future of air-traffic?
  • Do you have any special work space requirements?
  • Are you concerned about airport noise?

To test yourself you can visit the NASA airport operator test .

Positions to be filled

Lay-over Support Crew Member

Please check the descriptions for further information and details.
Please check the descriptions for further information and details.

Airport Management


Please visit the manager here

Airport Ambassador

You can become one of them!

Job Description:
Airport Ambassadors help airport employees to see the airport from a passenger’s point of view. Many Airport employees experience this situation every day: travelers assume, that everybody in a uniform works for this thing called the airport. In reality, that is not the case, because airport employees, even though they work at the airport, often don't work for the airport, but for many other companies. Especially passengers in a rush tend to ignore this fact and often blame airport employees for not doing their job, while in fact they are doing their job and not someone else's.
Still - we need to consider the airport as one “whole” thing that tries to get passengers through efficiently.
Courteous, swift and secure is one of our motto's. So, if a passenger asks, if the flight from JFK is delayed and the response is: “I don't know. I am the coffee maker at this airport.” the answer is correct, but not satisfying. The trained response would be to take an interest in the passengers question and then trying to find the answer.
To train other employees in pretending “they know” is the Airport Ambassador's job. Through “role playing” and other exercises, they will show the other airport representatives, how to handle the most common stress situations in their jobs - machine breakdowns, severe weather conditions and rude people.
To apply for this position you should be energetic, convincing and already work at the airport.
For more information fly here

Please visit the ambassadors here


Job Description:
While your first thought about an airport is air travel, ground transportation is pretty crucial to all operations of International Airport Montello. In addition to driving on main street, you have to be able to navigate off road terrain. A positive attitude (or indifference) towards long-distance surface transportation is required. International drivers license a plus.


Here is some fierce competition for the Taxi & cab business

Computer Tech

Job Description:
You don't have to be a nerd, but basic knowledge of software supply, cross platform traffic, spy ware management, WIFI signaling, power decentralization, wire organization, access control, virus circulation, hub coordination, download management, number trading, further messaging, file queueing, system fragmentation, firewall engineering and general computing a must. Be available day and night.


Luggage Handling

Job Description:
Big muscles and a strong back, organizational skills and mental alertness are indications that you might be the one!
Luggage Handling includes heavy lifting, luggage X-Ray screening, computer tomography scanning, occasional supervision of sniffing dogs (either K-9 units or the Beagle Brigade) as well as the ability to evaluate the answers, passengers are required to provide to the following questions:
- Has your luggage been in your possession at all times?
- Has anyone given you anything or asked you to carry on or check any items for them?

If you think this is too much, but still would like to handle luggage, consider applying as Luggage Wrapper

drogdogs2small.jpg …. These are the airport's two cute sniffing dogs.


Job Description:
If you are interested to find your way into this position, you must love the arrow. In the vast, open spaces of International Airport Montello the arrow will make the difference. If there is an arrow, there will be a destination. Without arrows, passengers are doomed to navigate through nowhere. No arrow, no flow. The appearance of arrows will transform this place into something truly international. Everyone from everywhere can read the arrow, understand it's meaning and follow it’s direction. It is the power of this straight forward looking sign, that will keep passengers and airport employees alike in motion.
The perfect applicant must have a good sense of direction and own a reliable GPS system.

Air Strip Lighting

Check in Counter

Information Kiosk

Greeting Desk

Job Description:
This is a strategic key-position. As part of our non-flying airport staff, greeting officers are usually the first local officials passengers encounter after arrival. Right away, greeting officers will let everyone know, how it is to be at International Airport Montello. They set the tone. The strategy they use to welcome and guide passengers, will institute the authentic atmosphere that distinguishes International Airport Montello from many other International Airports.
Greeting officers wear a neat and clean uniform, and at all times, must be able to exhibit agreeable facial features. A somehow dynamic, likeable personality and basic knowledge of formal communication procedures are appreciated. This position is fun but not easy. You definitely have to say: “Howdy” more than once per day.


Airport Security

The Job Description for this position is still under investigation.

most wanted

Here is an airport insecurity game available for the right cell phone. To be played at the cell phone booth while waiting for a flight?

I think, someone with the name of JACK would be good for this position. Because, when you see him, what do you say to him?
franzy:) 2006/02/04 19:43


airport_ed_autopilot.jpg airport_ed_convict.jpg
This photograph just recently submitted to SECURITY shows this man, just minutes before, in the IAM lounge. Do you believe this is the same man that had just applied for the AIRPLANE MECHANIC position?


2006/02/08 Yes, it is the same guy. He just grew a beard. We handcuffed him in the Transit Lounge the other night, because he resisted applying as an airplane mechanic. Anyway, now on the job, we'll put him under surveilance. — Security Department (nightshift) 19:34

Control Tower

Job Description:
You have to be good at “getting the picture”. From blips on a radarscope, you have to be able to visualize the relationships these blips have to one another on three dimensions. Persons who ware skilled in chess or bridge, a card game, make good controllers. The ability to plan moves in advance is critical to winning.

So far, we recceived two applications for Tower Control.

1. Sarah


“Montello Tower, Nevada Airlines 111, ready for take off on runway 01”
“Nevada Airlines, taxi into position, and hold”.
(check radar, look on runways, double check)
“Nevada Airlines, cleared for takeoff.”
(Nevada Flight 111 eses into the air)
“Nevada Airlines 111, contact departure control.”
(The co-pilot on the plane moves a dial that changes the radio's frequency.“
“Montello departure control”, says the co-pilot. “Nevada 111 is with you!”

2. eteam


Both applicants made a really good impression during a first training session (held in Wendover, UT and Montello, NV), but we can never be sure enough. Therefore, we have to bite into the sour apple, and run additional tests - again verifying the applicants abilities in spatial perception, vision, hearing, speaking skills, etc… (If training seems tough says the FAA, it's because it is tough.) So, if anyone has any idea of how to test the applicants more thoroughly – let us know!!! (management – 12/09/2005)

Hello!!!! (did you switch frequency?)
Any evidence of my application being processed? In any case I would like to add an update: In the last 2 weeks I have logged a total of 6 hours listening to live monitoring on and made a sketch of how it all works. I can report, the talk is really fast and kind of dry, mostly numbers, abbreviations and codes, of which I am able to understand between 20 and 30 percent. franzy - 2006/01/19 21:59

Airport Chapel



Lost and Found

Job Description:
You work as a clerk. In regular intervals you receive articles lost within the IAM facilities. You inspect these things. Then you tag and place them in drawers, shelves, racks or a safe, according to the type of article and where and when it was found. If identification is known you speak directly, telephone, send emails or letters to owners and arrange a return. If identification is unknown, you investigate further and discuss lost articles with all airport personnel willing to share their opinion. If despite these efforts, owners can't be found and lost articles are not claimed after pre-determined time period, you put them up on ebay.


The owner may contact Lost and Found during business hours:
Monday and Thursday from 3-5pm
Bring ID and proof of ownership (photo or witness)
We are located near the coffee maker.

Thank you Lost and Found. I love my Flag Bear! -Eddie

Hi Eddie, we are glad you got your bear back.

February 8, 2006
Today the Maintenance Crew dropped of an ancient looking reptile, - it is kind of irritating to see such an outdated animal in and on a modern airport. — Franzy 2006/02/08 09:43


On the other hand there are birds living inside the JFK Terminal. But birds at least have some aerial connection to an airport. Maybe a new symbiosis between nature and technology is starting? ( → Lizzy) — hajoe 2006/02/09

Duty Free Shop

Transit Passenger

Grounded Passenger

To encourage applications the Pilot Motel will extend it's policy of exclusively accomodating airline employees.
This way, the job of being a grounded passenger will feel more like being on vacation, not at work. APPLY NOW!!!

Airplane Mechanic

Who wants to repair this sad looking autopilot?

I think I could rig it! I'm not too sure though, I think I see a bat in there.

Hi Ed, do you need to eliminate that bat? It's a good navigational addition. Animal echolocation. It just doesn't work too well, when there is a lot of wind and the plane becomes faster than sonic speed. Then, by the time the echo from the bat's emitted soundwaves comes back, the plane is already gone. So, the FAA says, it's not reliable. But I think, a backup bat is better than nothing. What's your opinion on this? — Franzy 2006/02/09 21:58

Oi! Oi! Oi! The first test flight was a successful one. Made it to Reno-Tahoe International without any problems. FAA must be wrong. _ED_ 4.18.06

How does Reno-Tahoe International rate in comparison to International Airport Montello? Any suggestions for improvments? customer care @ IAM 04/20/06

Security has been replaced by the National Gaurd. Passengers are rushed out of the airport, nonpassengers are not alowed inside. My camera was confiscated and I was threatened with aresst. Willtry again at a latter time. Knottydawg44 4.29.06

Since they moved all the National guard to the border, what happened to security, did you get your camera back? If not check eBay, the state is selling confiscated items there. customer care @ IAM 05/20/06

Flight Anxiety Control

Air Sickness Prevention

Runway Maintenance

More information here

Radio Operator

International Airport Montello. You can reach me on 674.553.
Mara 2006/02/08 09:06

And any other self-described positions

Coffee maker

Visit the Coffee Maker HERE or follow the directions to the coffee place ”Juan at the Airport“.

Food Court

coffeeplace3.jpg I don't know how well Miner John can cook, but he certaintly would do a great job furnishing the outside food court with cooking spots and picknick areas.

It taste just like chicken…

Airline Food Supply



Job Description:
Because you will have access to the sterile parts of the airport, this physically demanding multi-task position requires a clean background. On a timely basis you will evaluate our terminal areas and take necessary action to meet International Airport Montello’s appearance standards.
Besides general floor care (weed control), additional duties include: empty ashtrays, expose windows to natural day light (see:Terminal 1), polish mirrors and slot machines and keep locker rooms and bathrooms (sinks, toilets, urinals) in sanitary, safe, orderly and attractive manner. In accordance with established procedures and as directed by IAM standards, you have to assure that the highest degree of cleanliness, attractiveness and sanitation is maintained at all times.
Perform seasonal tasks such as ice and snow removal. Clean and/or replace furnace filters and maintain humidifiers. Scoop the poop of drug and bomb sniffing dogs and stray wildlife you encounter within IAM facilities. Inspect for pest control and take appropriate actions. The ability to interpret necessary instructions or specifications on hazardous cleaning supplies is required. Ensure that doors, latches, and alarms are functional. Vacuum gaming tables. Perform other janitorial or general labor duties throughout the facility as qualified and assigned. Ability to pull, push or lift with estimated maximum of 50 lbs.
Qualified candidates will have the ability to remain calm in stressful situations; able to communicate effectively with airport representatives, international passengers, airline staff and State officials.
This position has long hours with possible overtime and it might not sound like an amazing opportunity, until you read this:

Brazilian airport worker who returned lost money meets president.
(Publication: Airline Industry Information, Issue: March 26, 2004)
“A Brazilian airport janitor who returned USD10,000 lost by a Swiss tourist was received by the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva yesterday (25 March).
The 55-year-old janitor was praised by the president, who said the man was “an example for all of Brazil.”
The man - who earns about USD125 a month - reportedly found the money while cleaning a bathroom at the Brasilia Airport.

If situations like that occur within IAM facilities, management would need to inform the janitor that there is no point in even thinking about keeping USD10.000 or meeting President Bush. janitor.jpg IAM Janitor Tools janitortools.jpg
Where is he?
We are still looking for him! Did anybody CK the Cowboy Bar?
Darla 01-15-06
Hello Darla
Great you got the tools for the janitor. One step further in polishing these shiny floors. Now, someone just has to grab the opportunity and start mopping.
This is an international airport. Some people are slow in understanding. What does CK mean?
eteam 2006/01/16 16:34 CK is short tex message term for “check it out”. Red 02-04-06
Thanks Red for this explanation, now my brain can rest. I thought of 'contact', 'caraoke', 'carbon copy', 'see karl' and what else… but all this didn't make any sense. —
hajoe 2006/02/04 20:40 The Janitors job has been extended, he has to clean out the shelves in the basement, too. Sorry for the extra work. ==== Bird-man or woman ==== Birds present a major hazard to aircraft, with the majority of birdstrikes occurring during the landing or take-off phase from an Aerodrome. It is therefore essential that all Aerodrome Operators have robust procedures in place that are specifically tailored to their own airfield in order to mitigate against birdstrikes. As a bird man or bird woman, you have to know (or invent) ways, how a hazard can be identified. You then have to execute the methods which you choose to employ in order to reduce birds both on and around an Aerodrome. for more information on this job position see: maybe these guys are potential candidates here ==== Foreign Object Damage Prevention ==== ==== Luggage Wrapper ==== Job Description:
If you think, excellence comes as a standard, you should apply as a luggage wrapper operator. The luggage wrapper is safe to the operator and is designed to eliminate any risks and chances of malfunctioning. In addition, it is very easy to operate, so virtually anyone can do it.
The machine (not you!) will wrap various types and sizes of luggage. Due to the dusty conditions at International Airport Montello, travelers will appreciate this option. (and tip!) In addition, luggage wrapping is a strong theft deterrent, because after sealing the luggage with the transparent stretch film, address labels cannot be removed and replaced by a thief. On the other hand, once the luggage is claimed by the rightful owner, the plastic layers can be easily removed and placed thereafter for recycling in the identified place at the airport premises. All you need to do after a nice working day is wrap up your tip and go home.

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