Jason Dean

Application recceived on 8/18/20

Art In General and International Airport Human Resources Dept.,

I believe I am the perfect candidate for the Layover Support Crewmember

position because of my experience working in the film industry in New

York City. But how is an international airport like a film shoot on the

streets of NY? Let me explain….

I am accustomed to working wherever a job takes me on any given day, with

little or no resources while attending to various film crew

personalities and their many requests. An International Airport, such

as Montello, must be running 24 hours a day to receive flights from

around the globe. I regularly work extremely long hours, and can be

ready at a moments notice to deal with whatever problems may arise. If

a passenger needs a half-decaf mochachino with skim milk, or someone to

troubleshoot their wireless network, I can do it myself or will find

someone who can, usually within some kind of insane/impossible time

constraints. I believe that with the first visit to any new

International airport, there will be unforeseen situations and problems

that someone with my experience can successfully manage. My background

in remote locations personnel, and equipment management, as well as my

ability to calmly deal with every aspect of a crew's stay in unfamiliar

surroundings will be a valuable asset to the International Airport crew. I also

have experience working on large scale public art

projects. I worked on Christo's 'The Gates' project in central park,

leading a group of volunteers, assembling and taking down the work in

a section of the park. I spoke to groups of visitors about the

(sometimes) puzzling project and even endlessly shoveled snow in the freezing

cold. In addition to my day job, I am also an artist. I work

with my collaborator Matt Nash in Boston, and we call ourselves Harvey

Loves Harvey. We have managed to create work while never living in the

same city, and are forced to deal with distance and communication in

all of our work. I'm sure many of these concepts will make themselves

useful on the trip. Matt and I also work on BigRedandShiny.com,

an online arts journal for New England. Big RED & Shiny has a large

readership and gets international attention. I would be proud to be able

to cover the experience at Montello International Airport for the magazine.

I attended the gallery talk at Sara Meltzer and wrote a brief piece for the site.

I think this is one of the most exciting public pieces I have ever had

the opportunity to possibly become a part of.

I believe that the combination of job experience and personal interest is

well-suited to the layover support crewmember position you described.

I have included 3 references and their contact information.

Thank you for your consideration.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

Thank you,

Jason Dean

(You have my permission to publish this on the Montello Airport website, minus the reference info.)

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