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IAM welcomes you, the International Traveler, at our Gift and Travel Shop!

We are currently in the process to digitalize our merchandize. So, if you can't see a specific item you need, please contact our staff at the Transit Lounge (leave your request in the comments box), or scroll to the bottom of this page and write us an email!
Remember: If it's not on your computer screen, then it's somewhere in a box and it’s no problem for us to find it. So, all you have to do is ask. LOL

Pleasant Shopping!


IAM Travel Postcards (for free)

To send the postcard to someone you like, just click on the image.

This spatial special postcard set was designed by IAM's guest designer: Ismael Hernandez.

This postcard is currently available as complimentary email-greeting.

The designer of this item is featured in the lower left corner of the 5×6 card.

If you have visually interesting dreams about International Airport Montello, please don't hesitate to send us a draft for Postcard Consideration.

Your Choice

There are two kinds of travelers - the one's who smell and the one's who might have a further leading conversation with the traveler next to them in the airplane seat. It's your choice!
Only $5.99


shirt2.jpgDesigned by Tacoma Heights AerioSpace Technology and ultra advanced through reflective textile tape, these shirts are made for people who like to visit the future in a casual outfit.
Custom made - available in all sizes - same day air mail delivery.
$40 each


IAM Belt Buckle

This belt buckle invites passengers to disco the most modern version of the Old West!

can't see the video, click here

Plane Chain

planechain.jpg Don't be too plain with your chain.


- only for Gold Members -


If you like any of these items you can preorder here and pick your items up before boarding the aircraft.



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