This Casino space is available and can be used right away. Interested parties can contact the IAM association or start on their own if staying within the regulations of an international airport. Gambling should happen in accordance to the Nevada law.

Hi Red,
how about: IAM LUCKY as name for the casino.
2006/03/23 20:33

Hi Franzy,
Ok sounds good. Here is the new sign for the casino. Red 03-24-06

Wow, I feel already like a winner just looking at the sign. The golden Ying and Yang spirals are taking unexpected turns. It looks like they are saying: don't keep grinding any coins between your fingers. Throw them on the table, now! And then these Poker cards, I don't know how to play Poker, but once at Black Jack I won. So I consider Black Jack my card game. If I run out of money, can I put our 10 Acres at stake? I also like roulette and slots. I never played craps, but I've seen winners screaming at these tables. I am going to be plucky, when I'll show up at Lucky.
Franzy — 2006/03/24 21:49


1, 4,14, 58, 98, 45,21, 33, 44

A complimentary Service by Lucky Management

Black Jack

Practice your Black Jack skills here

can't see the game, click here

May 4, 2006
As long this game is played in the IAM territory, shouldn't Black Jack be called HI JACK ?

7 Card Stud Poker

Seat open

No limit poker
Seated at the table are
Oil Can Willey,
Rattlesnake Jim
and Hard Hitting Henry

This looks like a lot of fun. Can I join?
Fake Forward Franzy


casino:bingo_i.gif casino:bingo_a.gif casino:bingo_m.gif

Passenger Kristin, who experienced a 4-day transit lay over at International Airport Montello from April 9-13, 2006 is now looking for a summer job outside the bay area.
It is with great pleasure that International Airport Montello can announce publicly, that Kristin chose to turn her hobby basement passion into a part-time airport profession. From now on, Kristin will be the Bingo Caller at the IAM LUCKY Casino. Please welcome her “dryly”. She comes from a place, where it has rained every single day for the last six months.


We hereby encourage local Montello businesses to donate prizes for the games.


My apologies for the delay. I got stuck playing that count-the-jelly-beans game.

To get started, please download a new card or just use the one stored under your seat cushion. Quickly.

The first game is a test game. WIN with just one marker on your card - win with an incomplete diagonal from top left to bottom right or top right to bottom left, or win with any incomplete horizontal or vertical row. Coffee is available at Juan's Coffee Shop. BYOC - bring your own cake, we no longer provide this service.

(Rumble, rumble, rumble…) Oh, just a thought before we get going here… let's add the sound of bingo calling to the Transit Lounge jukebox. (Rumble, rumble, rumble, clunk, r-o-l-l . . . ) Let me remind you that I will only repeat the number twice. Please focus so that you don't miss the call. And don't forget to mark your free space!

Kristin (FTBA)06/21/06

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, "G55... G55...".

bingoreception2.jpg (Fig. 3)
Kristin (FTBA) 06/28/06

Thank You. Monday, July 3rd, 2006, 11:01am Zulu Time G55 defeated suction and entered through back of aircraft.
No explanations for delay. Will investigate.

CONGRATULATIONS B-I-N-G-O player! Thank you for posting a confirmation photo. You are the first winner of the beta test. That ball had been MIA since June 26th. FYI, Procedure dictates that bingo callers allow a couple of days for players to report winning cards. All winning cards will be posted on this site very soon. Don't forget to check back!

Kristin (FTBA) 07/03/06

another siting: this time on the IAM landing strip


dissolved in transmission

Due to extended spherical weight, the volume got somehow eliminated to enable faster transmission. Still, remote players like us in NYC experienced delays in receiving. casino:sat_g55.gif

Bingo Winner is Henry J !!!

Congratulations to Henry J, you win the prize =), but first I have to find it 8-O. Has anyone seen the prize? It should be there by now.


While most players at IAM LUCKY gamble for entertainment and within their means, there are a small percentage of players who may lose control of their play. In order to prevent this, please bear the following in mind:

  • Gambling should be an enjoyable way to shorten your waiting time at the airport and not seen as a mean to making money.
  • Keep track of the amount of money you spend and only gamble if you already have purchased your ticket!!! Do not chase your losses.
  • Keep track of the amount of time you spend gambling. If it takes more money than you can afford to loose until a plane becomes available for boarding, enjoy other IAM facilities, like the Transit Lounge, or Juan at the Airport.
  • If you are completely lost, visit the Airport Chapel.

We know that gambling can create problems and harm some individuals. These problems sometimes range from over-spending to pathological gambling addiction. But, even if it goes bad, you are still luckier than most losers, because IAM LUCKY is committed in maintaining a responsible gaming environment. We are, after all at an airport, which naturally provides a convinient escape route from any gambling addiction. So, if you feel, that you are losing control of your play and would like help in restricting your access, talk to an airport representative and schedule an earlier flight back home.

URGENT: game development

“This Casino space is available and can be used right away. Interested parties can contact the IAM association or start on their own if staying within the regulations of an international airport.”

Hello, associates. Are you also the ambassadors?
Kristin (FTBA) here… I am arriving… a permanent condition. I am in search of a place to set up my BINGO antenna. It helps me channel BINGO numbers. Should I forward my request to management?

September 12, 2006

Hi Kristin!

It's good to hear you're in a transitional state of permanancy. It's sounds much better than the infection! Remember you must always keep your guard up when in a state of transition. Viruses are transitional by nature, always on the go, looking for new places to mutate.

I had considered your offer of a place to set up, but then I've always been a sucker for a pretty face, such as yours! Although the deciding contributating factor in the equsion was “A Woman Smarter Than I,” Then I began to calculate the possibilities, and just when I thought I had reached closure on the subject, Computer ED popped into my fantasy, I mean thoughts. As soon as you mentioned antenna, “I knew he was your man.” I would check with him, He's The Man!

Actually, we have a nice place for your Bingo Parlor, and I look forward to your games. Remember, I'm a Master of the Arts when it comes to games. I've dealt all types of games in the past 15 yrs.

Transverse Safely! Patiently awaiting your arrival!

Ron L. Abbott, IAM Interim Manager





Dear Dr. Ron,

Thank you for the short notice office visit this week! As you witnessed on Friday while exercising your duties as IAM Manager, I found a way to continue my role as BINGO caller, by going mobile. This solved the antenna placement question that I had posted earlier. Calling out sequences over a PA from my car eliminated the risk of contamination that I posed to layover passengers while I was in quarantine with the infection.

Kristin (FTBA)


September 18, 2006

Greetings Kritin (FTBA!)

What a joy to have spent the weekend with you! Such dedication to drive (FTBA) for this visit.

Kristin, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all your help this past weekend. As you know some of the jobs were difficult at best. With your help and the help of your staff we were able to pull it off without a problem. You also did a wonderful job keeping track of all the numbers, including (G-55), and changes on the job. Your organizational skills were invaluble. It was a pleasure working with you (A True Professional) and I'm looking forward to future jobs together.

Again I wanted to say THANKS!!!!!

ron… IAM Interim Project Airport Manager



Cell Phone biNGo in the UK

MoBingo also requires an antenna to receive call numbers.
I wonder if I AM/was on the same network.
Kristin (FTBA) 09/18/06 12:25 PST

It says “ The service is UK only. ” but antennas can receive cross-borders and IAM is in a state where reception is possible. Numbers were coming into antennas at IAM and winners were foundwinner1.jpg
hajoe 2006/09/18 22:35

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