International Airport of Montello devotees may be disappointed to learn that the hardworking film crew held on layover in September has been ‘laid off’. Apparently our superiors found the concept of the “layover” confusing. We trust that the employees of IAM will nonetheless support us in our continuing endeavor to find the story. Horses in and out of bars, and 80 piece drum sets are only the beginning, we’re sure. The TV network 2BRNt2B has offered to reconsider our status, story pending. So,perhaps the kind folks of Montello can help? In exchange and solidarity, anytime IAM employees need media support to get some attention we'll try to be there for you.
Wheres Rontello?

Tuesday November 21, 2006

I found Ron Tello, here he is!


This was him after his recent return to Montello from a all night marathon Rock Concert!

On October 7th, we had the good fortune of witnessing a departing flight for IAM, actually a fractured flight departing for IAM, Paris, Dubrovnik maybe, and “home” definitely, among other destinations. I detected tears of wistfulness among crew members. In the meantime, surprisingly, the coffee in New York City has turned very bitter and does not compare to Juan's at the airport, so we're looking for the next flight out. - Jacki

October 20, 2006

Hi Jackie
It's good to hear, that IAM is getting media attention from a “laid off” film crew.

As long as you are looking for a story you are in good company. There will be always a wandering passenger at IAM who is looking for a gate. May be just hoping to get through it, and board the vehicle, to get into it.
And if you can't find the gate, there will be coffee at Juan's. Another way of traveling through sipping. “When you enter Juan’s it’s like walking through the looking glass?.. Yes!… Walk through the looking glass and become the reverse of the other side… ” (quote from the brewmaster).
I know, there is something confusing about it. And I think, it’s so confusing, because it is so simple. That’s what always confuses people. When it’s really simple. Like a layover. What about it? Story pending. Excellent. You don’t have to do anything but wait. It’s just something that’s not dealt with yet, but will be in the future.

In anticipation of “situation pending”, International Airport Montello never felt the need of putting up signage and clocks. What means time, if you are in a different time zone anyway? What means an hour, if you have a good time? Why giving directions, if there is no place to go? “A space without function allows one to be in the moment.” (Renzo Piano -architect) There is an AIM and there is I AM. Not every flight that leaves this airport has a destination. Some disappear, others circle themselves. They fly around the world just to arrive at the same point 2 days later.

In March 2005, it took Steve Fossett 67 hours and two minutes to fly the 19,880 nautical-mile (36,818 kilometer) around the globe non stop without refueling. Karl Bushby from the Goliath Expedition expects that it will take him 12 years to walk the 36.000 miles around the world. Is it a matter of distance, or a matter of time? I am not sure, if anyone at International Airport Montello really knows, because IAM seems to be located right between the two of them. We sponsored a shoe for Karl and a wing for Steve.

That’s why the plane that attempted to fly out to International Airport Montello on October 7, 2006 has legs. That’s also why IAM asked you, on top of being the film crew and doing your job, to bethe other film crew, who's job it is to “represent” the film crew. It's always good to have a “back up” version in case the original get's lost.

Franzy 2006/10/19 21:53

October 20, 2006

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Excuse me for entering on the word time… Anyway… That's where I'm entering …


I'm seizing by thrust into this moment of time.
I'm going to make it sparkle, twinkle and shine.

I introduce to you a Lattee. A Lattee so fine…
Sipping is to tasting as reading is to rhyme.


When it's coffee time …

October 25, 2006 hello

Can we add “LATE” to “LAYOVER” and “LAID OFF”?
a rhyme fan.

October 26, 2006 Consumer Quote

“Usually, however, the truth is that there is no sharing involved at all; the seamless web of which our precious loner forms part is not that of the desert ecology, but of advanced consumer-capitalism. He neither clothes himself off the desert - he does that at J.C.Penney, L.L.Bean, and Survival Snackfood Inc. - but brings it all with him from the civilization he affects to despise. He is not alone, he is just “ignoring the servants”. Or, as one wisely said, “next time you see a TV documentary about some unshaven show-off backpacking alone across the desert, spare a thought for the camera man, assistant camera man, sound recordist, location unit director, continuity girl, gaffer, grips, jeep drivers, and all their girlfriends and boyfriuends who were right behind him every step of the way, and ahead of him at least for the last quarter mile.”
from:Sciences in America Deserta by Reyner Banham

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