Cowboy Bar


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September 15, 2006


The Best of Montello

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The Cowboy bar is expanding

It looks like the Cowboy bar is expanding to give IAM passengers with a layover in NYC a familiar place to hang out. Here it is called the Malibu Diner. I am asking why? It doesn't make much sense to me. To call the IAM airport bars Cowboy or Saddle Sore is related to the environment IAM is located in. Malibu on the other hand is not near or around NYC. How can this happen. Could someone please inquire with the Cowboy bar why they chose Malibu as the name for their NYC dependance? I would suggest Corrigon Diner, in honor of the “wrong way” he took and where he eventually ended up in Europe.
Hajoe 10/06

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