Tech. Department

Everyone here calls me Computer Ed.


So I guess I am hired. I moonlight as a Taxi Driver as well…ha ha ha :)

Getting a good start, can you hear us? How is the reception? No signal?
Can you turn on the lights for us?
Ready for Taxi
Your team from the
onboard entertainment systemeteam 2006/01/02 14:37


Roger Wilco! Reception 95%. Signal obtained…your homing beacon will automatically activate the lights….:)
OneTaxi broken down….good thing there are 2 of them…ha ha ha
Computer Ed - 01-03-2006

Taxi break down? Oh no, what are we going to do if the 2nd breaks down, too? - eteam - 11 Jan 2006

customized Outfit



2006/01/13 22:41
Computer Ed, how about a uniform? It's not very specified yet, but it can get customized anytime. Franzy

Ha Ha ha..everyone here is rolling on floor laughing..ha ha ha…I am confused. I think I look great! —-Computer Ed——- 01/17/06 12:44am @ Arbys in Wendover, Nevada.

2006/01/17 18:00
I like the uniform too. But I like your phone booth warming outfit even better!

communication system failure


2006/01/28 - 15:49
Hi Computer Ed.
The communication system seems to have a loose connection. Signaling works ok, but data representation is unstable. It could also just be the radio dispatcher. Anyway the transfer protocol is unreliable. Are you able to decode the problem, solder some kind of stabilizer into the circuit? Franzy

computerhelp.jpg 2006/02/04 19:28
Hajoe tried to find out what was wrong, but it instead of becoming better, the communication protocol is almost disappearing.

Feb. 11, 2006 12:46pm PST

edtech1.jpgHowdy from the Airport Technical Dept.

edtech3.jpgYes! it is the Data Replicator causing the protocol malfunction!

edtech2.jpgThis calls for Lazer soldering…

edtech5.jpgRepairs complete…

Communication system restored, protocol changed. Decoding of unreliable and unstable data completed and repaired. Nothing like a little Lazer soldering to make tech geek smile…Eteam button added to system console…Will press it often…from Computer Ed..Feb. 11, 2006 12:46pm PST.

Repairs complete?

== == Everything went fine, thanks for fixing the communication system. But now only a week later, we experience major color problems and have to do all monitoring by eye. Does this have anything to do with the Lazer soldering? Did too much red get inside the data? The situation is very confusing, for the visionairies and for the planes.
live from Floyd Bennet 02-20-06

It is the coffee syndrome! Obviously someone spilled of a cup of Juan's coffee on a keyboard. Also, the pilot in the picture above seems to have drunk to many cups at Juan's Coffee Shop as well. I hope none of the passengers have whiplash. We do not have legal representation at the airport yet. In case of lawsuit. Anyway, keyboard has been replaced and colors restored. Computer Ed April 12, 2006 10:07pm

Excellent job Ed
no wonder you became the “IAM Employe of the Month”.
Franzy - 2006/04/26 23:38
I have my sights on the big one! Employee of the year! Ha ha ha…
Ed 2006/04/27 08:14

Portable Mobile Security Communications System P.M.S.C.S Revealed!

Armed Threat, Delayed Doors, Motion Detection, Windows, Fire, Medical, Instant Doors and The Airport Vault are all now monitored via the Portable Mobile Security Communications System.
Now Computer Ed can keep track of all aspects of the airport where ever he may be. The System was successfully tested at “The Skyview Diner” sometime around lunch time on November 15, 2006.
The IAM Tech Department has been silent for a little while. But, we are listening and watching you!!
Stayed tuned for more P.M.S.C.S Adventures soon.

Congratulations on the introduction of Portable Mobile Security Communications System!
We did some research to find out more about the system and have found this great device at the PMSCS website. It seems that PMSCS is expanding really fast. We already suspected that there was more behind it, but we never expected its expansion will be so fast. Among all this expansion, did you observe or track anything unusual (radioactivity?) at IAM recently? — eteam 2006/12/10 08:38

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