This large outdoor space is available and can be used right away. Interested parties can contact the IAM association or start on their own if staying within the regulations of an international airport. This space can be used for storage, maintenance, recreation, hangars or housing.


Rocket Powered Skateboarding


All of us here at IAM work very hard. We also play hard. Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Motorcycles and ATV's and much more! Use this space to tell us how you enjoy the great outdoors! I myself spend alot of time outdoors. I ride my Mountain Bike to the cell phone booth. Climb Mountains and explore the desert in some way every day. Because I am so active. I got a little bored. I took an ole skateboard a few spare parts and headed for “That Place”. I needed a technical designer. Red proprietor of "The Sky View Dinner Club" was just that man. The Rocket powered skateboard was easy. We had it built and ready to roll in no time. However, a flight suit to protect myself was a different matter. We tryed several methods. Nothing worked. We were stumped. Then one night we were sitting at the diner watching a thunder storm enjoying a hand rolled cigarette and a cup of coffee. Suddenly lightning struck very close to me! It stopped only inches short of my forehead! I was stunned. Red however was thrilled. Saying “that is it, that is it!”. He said that there was a glow all around me! It gave him the answer. I suit made of light. Of course I liked the idea very much of a force field all around me! So off we went to our secret laboratory and went to work. Now, when your at or around International Airport Montello. If you see a small unidentified flying flipping object screaming Yahooooo! You will know what it is. Thank you Red! You are truly a magician. I wizard of the highest and purest form Magic. The art of light and friendship. Also, thank you Darla. Though she was not allowed inside our secret lab, a simple knock on the door would let us know that coffee and food were waiting for us outside. Darla is the BEST COOK in the Valley. The world to me. If you have not eaten at The “Sky View Dinner Club” yet. You are a fool. Before you head to The “Sky View Dinner Club” click play and watch the video.
Computer Ed - May 22, 2006

can't see the video, click here

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! This is the first Rocket Skateboard flight coming into IAM. The pilot seems to be quite an acrobat to be able to pull these loops in midair right before landing. If there would be passengers allowed, would they get the same great suit or would they have to provide their own clothing? Hajoe 05/23/06

The testing Flying and landing did not take place at IAM. It took place at “That Place”. Of course there are no passengers. Skateboards and suits may be available for rental soon. A two week training course will be required. The boards are very expensive. The cost of training and rental will be very expensive too. It is FREE to watch rocket boarders from the “The Skylight Diner”. Computer Ed - May 23, 2006 - 8:25pm IAM time

Is there a best viewing time so we can make some reservations at the “Skylight Diner”? Hajoe 05/24/06

Red and Computer Ed like to dine
In the afternoon around about five
After Supper, Coffee and a Cigarette is Rolled
Look to the sky you will see a Rocket Powered Skate board.

A Rhyme for the time….by Computer Ed - May 23, 2006 - 10:06 pm IAM time

Enjoy your time with wine and rhyme, but don't forget to put the rocket in the socket ;-)
The guys from the Civilian Aerospace Test Center at the Mojave Airport are launching… And even though their newest inventions look really old fashioned in comparison to what THAT PLACE comes up with, one never knows, how fast things develop once they get shot into the air.
=== Computer Ed becomes Part of the History of Rocket Men === rocketman3.jpg
great website→ === COMING SOON! DESERT GOLF! ===

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We who live in rural Nevada pride ourself with disposing are old vehicles in and around our rural desert home. It is some form of a status symbol.

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