Shoe Shine Salon


Nothing puts a spring in your step like a well polished shoe!

Whether you're boarding a plane headed for foreign soil or just stopping by the Monticello (that's French for Montello) International Airport for strong cup of joe, it pays to look your best. To bring out the “continental” in your own personality try the Gay Paris Shoe Shine Salon.


Monsieur Perry reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


But no shoe is too dirty or too gay for the Gay Paris Shoe Shine Salon!


Monseiur Perry reserves the right to take breaks at any moment and is guaranteed 36 weeks of paid vacation per year.



He will not hesitate to slap you.

Please note the appropriate pronunciation of Gay Paris is “pear -isss” not “pear-ee”. Nothing makes him more angry and he will slap you for a mispronunciation too.


  • Man Shoes - $1.95
  • Lady Shoes - $1.75
  • Boots - $.3.95

Free Shoe Shine for anyone able to say “Shoe Shine Salon” five times real fast!!!!


When Monsieur Perry is not on duty at the International Airport Monticello please send shoes with a money order for shining fees plus $4.95 for shipping and handling to:

Gay Paris Shoe Shine Salon - NYC
Attn: Monsieur Perry
540 W. 21st Street
New York, NY 10011

Email questions to

I am confused, it is clear that “Gay Paris Shoe Shine Salon - NYC” is outsourced from International Airport Montello, due to a lack of available qualified representatives. But, I am unclear of where this shoe shine salon is actually located? Is it Paris, NY, India or China?
BTW I just said “Shoe Shine Salon” five times real fast, my shoes are on my feet and my feet are on its way.
hajoe 2006/06/15 10:11

Dear Mr. Hajoe, We at the Gay Paris Shoe Shine Salon are delighted to take part in a global economy. The beauty of being located in the airport is that we can go back and forth between NYC and International Airport Monticello shining wherever dirty shoes are in need and inexpensive labor is to be found. We just throw shoes back on the plane and send them home. Often they're so shiny and look so good that friendly stewardesses will simply place them on the floor in First Class and I needn't pay for shipping. Ciao, Monsieur Perry

Mon Monsieur Perry,
I am delighted to learn about your smart business model and I sure will get back to your offer as soon as I am at IAM again.
hajoe 2006/07/26

Gay Paris Shoe Shine Salon takes no responsibility for shoes lost by the post office.

No clowning around, your shoes will never look better. ;-)


– Monsieur Perry - 2006/06/01

Congratulations Monsieur Perry
I am glad you got the small business loan first, and we don't have to wait any longer for Mr. Kim from JFK to “uncover” another passenger service branch at International Airport Montello.
Good luck with all the dust that blows around the IAM terminals.
How often will you be at duty on site, what are the opening hours at the salon?
I am asking, because you mentioned shipping, which somehow makes me think, that you might not be around 24/7.a concerned consumer 2006/06/01 20:29

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