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Hi Red and Darla,

I was just reading this book: “How an Airport really works”, by George Sullivan. There is one chapter where he explains the history of controlling Air Traffic and he talks about the rotating floodlights (light beacons), which were introduced in 1920 to enable pilots to “see a light” at night or in bad weather conditions. Before that, pilots were just on their own - finding their way by relying on the landmarks they saw below (contact flying) which was only possible during the day. To speed up the transport of Air Mail by having pilots also fly during the night, by 1926 the government had created 14,500 miles of lighted highways, using these rotating light beacons. I am sure you all know this already. But I had no clue, and I became really excited when I recognized that you even knew about the color- coding of the beacons they use. Red, green, white. Where do you know this from? And - do you also know how RADAR works?

I also looked at these links about the beacons:

Franzy (December 14, 2005, 11:35 AM EST)

from Montello - December 14, 2005

It has not snowed here except a little a couple of weeks ago. It has been clear and COLD going to be around 0 tonight and the rest of the week. I have known about the beacon for a long time dont remember where i learned about it. As far as radar I know how it works - A high frec radio signal is sent out and it bounces off and comes back to the dish - that is a quick ver of how it works - a little more complex than that but that is the basics. About the same as sonar except sonar is a sound wave.

Got a idea for the people mover will work on it and get to you soon.

Also got an idea for the runway lights ( working on it now ).

Site is looking good - like the composit of the airport.

Later Red & Darla (Dec.14, 2005)

PS - Darla is working on a 30sec movie clip for the Air Sick Prevention.

Hello Darla,
we hope it did not cause you any motion discomfort to work on that video.
But just to let you know… we got some extra bags, in case you need any.
eteam 2006/01/06 23:23

Dr. Ron, sorry to interrupt:
The IAM Public Affairs Department called today. They are concerned about you using the “on the road” logo while operating out of an airport. They strongly encourage an animation that incorporates “flying transportation” to and from patients. (see suggestion below).
I (re-identified as Franzy) also would like to add a personal message: Please don’t “cure” Kristin! I like her rashes. And I think it’s a good thing that the pimples became bigger and more complex. They seemed to have transformed themselves from a dermatological problem into sculptures. As a doctor you might have to ignore that artsy side effect, and purely focus on the patient’s health.
I agree: to maintain one’s health is imperative. To be in control is a good thing, but outbreaks are important too – especially if they are tested positive in their effect on other people. (Everyone loves the Bingo Lady!)
Due to your profession you should know best how to treat Kristin and her rashes. But, just in case, you have to scrape the outbreak off her skin, and don’t intend to use it for further investigations and examinations, and she does not want it either:
Could you please put the occurence in a box and save it for me (and others) to look at.
You know, an outbreak is out of the ordinary for good reasons…
Thanks and good luck with the session,
Franzy 2006/11/17 11:27


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