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One reason, why there seems to exist such a special and strong connection between NYC and IAM is Sofia, who works at the AIG department. From there she promotes possibilities of IAM to pioneers, pilots and passengers in the NY area. When she works too much overtime, she starts to write extended itineraries for layover’s.


Aug.9, 2006
Takeoff is the phase of flight where an aircraft goes through a transition from moving along the ground (taxiing) to flying in the air, usually on a runway.“...

Since a couple of weeks one specific charterplane in NYC on its way to International Airport Montello is moving around on the ground using it's wheels - instead of it's wings.
Some airplanes are taxiing for a long time, because they have difficulty generating enough lift at the low speeds encountered during takeoff. Fortunately there are some high-lift devices (for example cash flow) that add lift to make the airplane fly. But it's complicated to figure it all out. And it takes time to get it all together.
Many forces pull, thrust, drag, pressure and push the aircracft wing. details
Imagine being the wing, the pilot, the drag and the thrust at the same time - for the first time.
And then think of runway alterations.

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