About the International Airport Montello

Operated by
The people of Montello and the eteam

The Airport was first mentioned in 1919, when a Curtiss Biplane stopped in Montello for fuel during the first aerial flight across the desert and Sierra Mountains of California.

… The pilot of the Curtiss had run out of gas enroute, and landed near a branch railroad in the desert, which proved to be the Nevada Central. Unfortunately, the Nevada Central ran only about every other day on the line between Battle Mountain and Austin. The pilot had landed at Dillon, eighteen miles from Battle Mountain, but luckily spotted a gasoline train coming along the track, waved it down, and hitched a ride to Battle Mountain and back for gas. The pilot resumed his flight, stopping in Montello for fuel before completing the remaining one hour and twenty minute leg to Ogden…. Full Text here

Passenger Terminal
Within the terminal itself you will find all the amenities an international airport has to offer: bars, cafés, a chapel, guest rooms, convenience stores, cellphone booths, satellite internet connections, and even an International Transit Lounge.
Transportation to the runway is via complimentary shuttle service, and security checkpoints are reliable.

Other Structures
Currently the airport maintains 2 runways. The main runway, 11-29, has a length of 5850 ft and the crossing runway, 2-20, a length of 2850 ft.

Fueling is available, and the fire department is on call. Basic navigation is by Windsocks and during operational times, via tower communications.

Currently the airport is expanding, and services are continually being added.

To watch the actual slide show of IAM Terminal1 chapel under construction click here

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