Developers NYC: eteam
Developers Montello: HenryJ.Casolari, Red & Darla, Computer Ed, Dr.Ron, Justin, Sairah, Rontello, Ed, Marlene, Miner John, et al.

Project commissioned by Art in General, New York
website component commissioned by Art in General & Digital Matrix Commission

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Montello, is a small town in rural NE Nevada, close to the Utah border. There is a post office, a grocery store a motel, two bars, a chapel and an elementary school in Montello. Just outside of town are two abandoned, unpaved landing strips that cross each other. The landing strips are long enough for bigger planes to land and in good enough shape,
for International Airport Montello to take off.

Operated by people of a “town that refuses to die”, International Airport Montello successfully
maintains a grounded outsider position.

International Airport Montello operates like a perpetuum mobile,
an impossible machine, which is perpetually in motion and sometimes on strike.